#bam and #oldbones

10k wishbone complete and I am still here, hooray! That was hard. Lowerback screaming the whole way.

My son and I talked about it on the way. I suggested he not run his 5k speed right away. Before we got started, one of the big bosses at work met up with us. She says to my son, “Tania’s going to have the best 10k time for a thirty something woman today!”. He was wearing Tania’s bib. His response was I’m going to start off with my mom. I joked about being his warm up pace.

Off we went. I expected him to leave me in the dust at some point. Nope. If I stopped, he stopped. He stayed right by my side. If he got ahead, slowed his pace. Every time he’d start leading, I’d think this is it, he’s gonna go crush this thing now. And then he’d return to my side. I can’t wait for the photos cuz he’ll be there right beside me. Hopefully one of them is frame worthy. Man did this kid give me the feels today. I know I’m doing well. What a sweetie! I’m so proud. He’s gonna be a good man. Show up for his woman, run by her side. My heart was so full this morning. Gratitude. As we approached the finish line, I challenged him to a sprint! He was caught off guard he he he. Our chip times are identical. Awwwww. One hour and 11 minutes…not what I want but it could have been worse. My godson crushed it in 51 minutes. Maybe some day…

Apparently that was Grayson’s first and last 10k cuz it’s hard! Well, if that’s true it just got even more special…

Here I have been praying for magic for so many other people lately and it was my weekend that was dusted with magic from start to finish line 😉 I am blessed…

Now, off to buy some Voltaren magic for my angry back!!! Ugh…old bones suck.

This weekend was WOW!


Always alright,

Muah 💋