Date night

I love this scene from the movie Date Night. Abbie was speaking in the “I’m sorry Jeremy…” voice and then she got me started. Supper time giggles.

I would love to have a date night or girls night where we do this. Do some human bingo too… Too funny…

Whoops this is the Jeremy one that brings me and mine to tears:

So, I’m officially exhausted… So many good things going on right now, waiting for information…waiting for moments…it has all officially drained me but it is all good. Steps in the right direction. I may still be recovering from Friday night because I’m 40!!!

I said I wouldn’t do it and I did it! 100 times over I did it… Okay maybe a hundred and fifty… It wasn’t so bad today….

I need a vacation. Samana looks nice. Jamaica. Mexico. I’m going. If I have to go alone, it is happening! I can’t take it anymore!!! My boss caught me on Expedia today…dreaming.

Had to lighten things up after the deep thoughts blog…

To bed early….must sleep. Sweet dreams all.

Hugs to kisses? Ahhh sweet kisses…sigh

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