Second chances…

I do not wish to be in the midst of either destruction or distraction…

imageA photograph or two and a quote can sure bring clarity. Clarity is good.


I am grateful for second chances wherever it may lead…

At the time I met the Sociopath, I had been talking with a sweet, smart and funny man. We were to meet officially on his birthday at DQ. Instead, the Sociopath worked his manipulation and I cancelled that date. Two plus years ago. That cancellation was always on my mind especially as things worsened with the Sociopath and well it was just simply rude. I would tell my friends “I blew off a really nice guy on his birthday for this! On his freaking birthday!” This being the socio.

Going on POF again after the Sociopath was an extremely terrifying thing to do.

On there for a couple of weeks and then getting ready to delete my profile because well, it wasn’t what I needed or where I wanted to be…there he appeared.

I saw a familiar face had viewed my profile…. I recognized the user name. I reached out, certain I would be told politely to take a hike which I would have understood, even deserved really. It’s probably what I would have done to be honest.

But that’s not what happened…

And so I have been giving kudos and shout outs to people who have touched me. Some over a lifetime, some over several years, some I have only just met.

I want to say thank you here, to you, Chris. Thank you for bringing laughter back in to my life in a way I have not known it for a long time. Real laughter. Tears down my face laughter. It’s awesome. Walmart milk shenanigans, I still see you half way in the fridge dealing with “buddy” so I could get my 1% milk. Me as a ‘homeless’ girl going to pick up her race kit October 24 and laughing her ass off in the car to jokes about my appearance coming over bluetooth. Chai lattés…lmao!

Thank you for reading this nutso blog and being understanding. For reading this blog and not simply assuming I am some broken, mad woman. For reading about out to lunch koi fish references and persevering.

Thank you for seeing me as a human being with a story, a story that doesn’t define who I am but is just a part of my journey.

Thank you for embracing my thought bubbles and helping me pop them when needed.

Thank you for being patient and considerate.

I’m glad I did not miss this year’s birthday 😉

You are smart. You are funny. You are a good human.

Thank you for being you and letting me be me.  😊

I know you enjoy my nerd speak immensely, so this is for you…


hank you Maj. XO

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