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Sunday morning :)

Okay Miss T! This blog is for you. Miss Resolution Run (10k), Miss lets do Spartan, foam fest, mud hero, Tamarack 10… You realize I am your elder!!!

Lets do this!!

Shout out to Mel first. Mel you have been an inspiration this week. That Monday evening text that you were waiting at the running room to run in cold and gusting winds…the poopy pants blog on your mind lol…your nerves as you waited for the run to start…I totally get that… I was so impressed! That’s what it’s about! Showing up for yourself even when the conditions are less than favourable. Making yourself a priority! I told my kids about it,  ‘while we sit here there’s someone I know out there – running!’ Then I got the text:


I was so excited for you! Most of us were on the couch under a blanket while you were out there. Then comes the Wednesday text with run number two completed…awesome sauce!!

Tomorrow, November 2…is about showing up for ourselves. Setting goals and accomplishing them with our own personal cheerleaders.

I am setting the damn alarm and showing up. I’m eliminating thought bubbles in the shape of muffin tops- the self-abuse I endure when I see myself naked, in the mirror. No more!!! Bulge be gone! Sore back be gone!

I will be wearing this, on a beach in the next 3 months. I bought it one year ago, the tags are still on it!!! Those tags are coming off!


So miss T. I am going to workout every morning of the week and run 4 times a week. I am starting with PIYO and will mix it up with my other video addictions. I’m going to put this stupid bikini on and take a before picture which I will only post here when I see results! Gulp. Your 7 and my 15 are going down!!

I say we also incorporate the 30 day squat challenge as well. Seeing as well worked muscle burns calories!!


Add some songs like these to your play list T:

TPAin Booty Wurk

JLO Booty!!

Off to plan my menu and get some GNC Lean Shakes for the week! No more slacking!

Our mantra: “Chocolate is not your friend, chocolate is not your friend…” Repeat!

Check out the tushy in this video.. Swoon!  Play it again!!! Cutie petude!