Lessons in poetry

The last two evenings in our house have involved grade 8 poetry homework that has one twin on the verge of tears. English creative writing is torture for her. I do not relate. I am a word nerd. I love writing more than I love reading and I’ll take an essay over algebra any day. As much as she’s my mini me, we are oppposites in the world of writing.

This unit on poetry is her nightmare. We’ve moved from limericks about an old man’s farts (hey, you want help, you get what you get) to a metaphor poem. I don’t know about anyone else moving through this adulting thing but at 7pm metaphors are about has plentiful in my mind as the f#cks I give about tidying my house.

What can you do when your kid is ready to melt down like candles on a cake? You stand in your kitchen and come up with this:

“Okay, Okay, are you ready? Write this down.” I direct her.

Read these lines as they were delivered, in a poor English accent and obnoxiously drawn out with dramatic pauses…

Life is a garden. *giggles

You plant seeds of hope in soil fertilized with dreams. *eye contact with smirks

Watered with love.

Sunshine showers the garden that is life with laughter.

Clouds shade the garden with unexpected moments of sadness.

Tears fall like rain.

The rain does not destroy the garden

But strengthens it.

Causing the roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Roots entangle with the roots of other plants.

This brings solidarity.

The garden is life.

Life sees many seasons

They come and go

So too does the garden.

Pardon moi while I vomit in my mouth. Hope that’s at least a 3+. Oh well, there it is. It brought giggles and staved off unnecessary tears.

Some of my posts may lead a reader to think I’m moving about life in gloom and misery. I’m not. I spend a lot of time making others laugh, encouraging others, supporting others and digging for the positive where I can.

If I existed and wallowed in the sentiments of some of my thoughts as expressed here. I would never get out of bed. That’s not an option. There’s life to be lived and laughter to experience.

Write poetry, giggle, and dance in the kitchen.